Who We Are?

Why Padma College

Why Should We Choose Padma College

1. Morden Teching methodology with the use of multimedia projector.

2. Well mana ge library with sufficent reference books.

3. Quality education with affordable fee structure.

4. Abundant Co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

5. Peacefull congenious and friendly learning enviornment

6. Individual counciling by the experts.

7. Highly qualified Experienced Dedicated and well trained faculty lecturers.

8. Student exchange program with third country.

9. Regular short / Long Education Tours

Rules and Regulation

Classroom Rules and regulations

1. Students should be present in school in time in school uniform according to the day.

2. You should throw penciles shaving, bits of paper and other wastages into classroom dustbins.

3. You should take your seat as per rotation.

4. Boys are not allowed to wear ear rings in there ears.

5. Girls are not allowed have heavy make-ups.

6. Writing and drawing in bags, desks, benches and walls is strickly prohibited.

7. Disgraceful hair coloring, hair style, and hair cutting are strickly banned.

8. It is forbidden to have long nails.

9. You are not allowed use mobile phones in classrooms.

10. You should get your school diaries cheacked by your class teacher each Friday or any day directed by your class teacher.

11. You should offer your captain and vice-captain a creative help.

12. In case of class offs, making noise to disturb other classes is banned an you should engage yourselves in your study.

13. If you have to leave school for home or any special task after half time, you should submit an application and take your class teacher permission.

14. Those who take Tiffin in their classroom must clean the rooms by themselves after Tiffin.

15. You are forbidden to take your Tiffin in other classroom .


Classroom Rules and regulations

1. After your Tiffin you should throw pieces of paper, plastics and other rubbise into the containers. It is strickly banned to throw rubbise here and there.

2. Pulling grass out, plucking flowers without permission, breaking brenches of trees an plants, shaking buds and unripe fruits is prohibited.

3. You are forbidden to climb up and run on the walls, to break ta bricks and to play throwing them.

4. You should be an example of an ideal student.

5. You should use polite language all the time (in the classroom and the school and out of school) everywhere.

6. You should respect and obey your seniors and love upon your juniors.

Mission and Vission

Our Mission

To provide with quality education instilling a sence of responsibility and self reliant in the students through morden teaching Technique.


Our Vission

To be the paltform of learning for students who desire to be the globally competitive.

Rules and Regulation

We Provide

1. Affordable fee and Quality Education.

2. Well equipped science Lab.

3. A full-fledged Library with sufficient number of books including text book and reference materials.

4. Well equipped Computer Lab.

5. Extra Curricular Activity like:(Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Table Tennis, Basketball, Takewando, Karate, Social activities like, Social Contact and Discussion, Scouting, Community based mini-ecursion, Educational Tour, Red cross awareness Programmes and many other academic activities)

6. Attractive Scholorship Scheme and Award for Disable student, Underprivileged ethic groups, poor families, Remote areas and Talent students.

7. Use of Visual aids (Multimedia, OHP, Projectors and audio and Video).